Laser treatment for acne in Tequesta

Intense pulse light (IPL) in Palm City

Did you know…The laser treatment for acne prevents future acne breakouts by reducing the skin's ability to produce sebum? This is accomplished by destroying some of the millions of sebaceous glands that exist in the dermis. Although these tiny glands are destroyed within the hair follicles in which they reside, the surface of the skin itself isn't harmed.

Oasis Med Spa offer Laser treatment for acne in Tequesta, as its helps to stimulate collagen growth and production of elastin fiber, which firms up the skin from beneath and give it a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Dealing with acne or pimples?

Laser treatment for acne in Tequesta offers many options if you suffer with cellulite, excessive unwanted hair and can also help even or smooth out skin discoloration. And, for those who have suffered extreme scarring from large acne lesions and cysts, laser treatment for acne can also reduce the visible amount of scarring on the skin.

Oasis Med Spa offers you a great alternative to eliminate Acne.

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Laser treatment for acne in Tequesta