Chemical peels in Palm Beach

Chemical peels in Palm Beach

If you are looking a great alternative to improve your skin's appearance, Oasis Med Spa offers you chemical peels in Palm Beach.

A chemical peel is a treatment for the skin, which is used to recover a youthful appearance and reduce imperfections. A chemical solution is applied upon the area that needs to be treated, causing the skin to exfoliate and eventually fall off. The skin then regenerates, becoming smoother and less damaged.

Chemical peels are perfect for people with fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne and acne scars, age spots and uneven skin tone. Depending on the type of damage you want to reduce, there are different types of chemical peels according to their intensity.

• Superficial peels: these peels only penetrate the outermost layer of the skin. They use mild acids to gently exfoliate.
• Medium peels: these peels use stronger chemicals to reach beyond the outer layer into the middle layer of skin. This makes them better for removing damaged skin cells.
• Deep peels: these peels use strong acids to fully penetrate the middle layer of the skin, in order to remove damaged skin cells.

While chemical peels are always an outpatient procedure, almost always applied in doctor’s offices, the recovery time varies according to the type of peel. For superficial peels there is practically no downtime, and skin fully recovers between four and seven days. Medium peels take five to seven days, and in deep skin won’t regenerate until about two weeks later.

At the Oasis Med Spa, we offer medium chemical peels in Palm Beach that are designed to penetrate your skin and rejuvenate it. We have Rejuve Peel® (Jessner) and Vi Peel®, two peels that are recognized for being very powerful and causing less discomfort and swelling afterwards.

If you are interested in chemical peels in Palm Beach, contact us and schedule an appointment.

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Chemical peels in Palm Beach